There are kinds of import cars and understanding it is better than to buy without knowing.

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Captive Import Cars

Cars are often accompanied with words like ‘freedom’ and sometimes ‘luxury’. If one would likely be able to choose, surely he’ll choose import cars over those locally made, but as everyone knows, import cars are not just cars of great visual prowess but also of great price.
When looking for an import car, there’s what we call a captive import, a marketing strategy made by automobile companies that they started since 1950’s. It is when a car is imported rather than being produced by a domestic subsidiary company. When these import cars were brought to the world, it blurred nationality distinctions of weather a car is imported or not in the American Market. It is because although foreign-built, captive import cars wore domestic nameplates. The main reason that pushed automaker companies to captive imports is that cars are way cheaper to be imported than to be produced.
Overall, captive import cars took their throne in United States but not every country which tried it succeeded. There have been relatively few cases of Captive import cars in Europe and most of them failed to make their way to succession. The cars imported at that time were described to be inappropriate for the terrain the country possessed that became the main reason why captive imports didn’t work for them. While in Brazil, Japan and Australia, captive imports replaced other cars of their country and were sold although the sales became worse than their locally-built counterparts.
Many reasons as to why captive import cars haven’t been successful emerged at that time. Many justly criticized the models for their marginal quality or sometimes being a bad match to the environment of the country.
There may be a bigger reason as to its failure however, it could simply be that a local buyer doesn’t want an import and an import doesn’t want to enter a domestic showroom thus leading for both parties conflicted with each other. Captive or not, import cars pretty much still has a higher value than any other local cars and both still possesses the same characteristics. It all depends on what car a buyer will surrender his money to.

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